Management Consultancy – Mentoring Services

We listen to our clients’ needs and concerns and design a mentoring strategy to strengthen their management teams to identify their business operational strengths and weaknesses.  We assist in designing and implementing specific operational strategies to meet their goals and objectives.

We help our clients to focus and examine their core business strengths which enables them to drive growth and to develop their business strategies in Sales Revenues, Profitability and Equity.

We encourage our clients to examine, motivate and optimise their employee’s talent to yield the maximum return on their human investment using this core, valuable and scarce resource.

We provide mentoring in Leadership, Operational Management, Business Finance, Strategic Management, Organisational Communication and Behavioural Management, Staff Motivation, Organisational Policies and Procedures.

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Business Advice – Operational Business Development

We provide Leadership Mentoring to assist our clients and their teams, in maximising all their operational resources to the best of their abilities.

Our positive and strong leadership style is critical to re-assure and re-energise our clients particularly in times of crisis so that a successful solution can be designed and implemented, especially during turbulent and volatile economic and social conditions.

Amberley & Associates use current design thinking techniques and innovative mechanisms to develop our clients strategies in order to achieve their ultimate goals and objectives.

Our core focus is to ensure that our new clients, start up entities and small business owners, achieve their primary business objectives in Revenue Growth, Productivity, Profitability and Overall Business Potential by helping them to develop and grow their business model utilising niche strategies and design thinking methods,  using innovative and creative business management skills, that best suit their needs and requirements.

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Financial Services

We provide Financial Accounting Services ( bookkeeping/revenue compliance/payroll services).

We assist in the design of budgets and resource allocation to suit a particular clients needs.

We also liaise with our clients to negotiate debt restructuring with financial institutions, when required.

We liaise with Revenue to secure solutions to taxation issues on behalf of our clients.

We assist in WLC/WLR negotiation on behalf of clients with employee disputes and resolution.

We help our clients design of in-house policies and procedures for operational, legal and compliance use.

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